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Referral Partnership Program for Web Agencies

Earn Rewards While Staying Laser-Focused on Website Delivery

Web Agencies often find it challenging to decline clients seeking email services alongside their website needs. The complexities, shift in focus, and potential support disruptions can be overwhelming. Most of the time, the remuneration received is not worth the effort invested.
What if you could introduce the robust capabilities of Google Workspace to your clients at a cost lower than direct options, while earning rewards for yourself?
When you refer clients to Paoma, whether for their current Google Workspace subscription or a new one, you not only add value to your customer but also earn cashback reward and unlock discounts for your agency’s Google Workspace subscription. It's a double-win that streamlines your services, reduces your cost and provides additional revenue.


For you as a Partner

Focus on delivering exceptional websites, without the hassle of email management and support.
Receive a 5% cashback on referred subscriptions for the initial 12 months.
Experience the same benefits as your customers.
Enjoy a substantial up to 10% discount on your own Google Workspace subscription.

For your Customers

Bid farewell to credit card fees when you opt for our payment method.
Unlock the advantage of the best pricing in Mauritian Rupees, ensuring you get optimal value.
Maintain control over payment timing, aligning it with your convenience.
Experience the convenience of partial domain licensing tailored to your specific needs.
Benefit from expert support provided by a local Google Partner, ensuring timely assistance when you need it.
Discover a suite of additional business value services designed to augment your Google Workspace environment and data, such as Online Backup, Email Signature Management or MQA-approved training.

Frequently Asked Questions

For You as a Partner

Referral Process

Can we refer current Google Workspace subscribers?
Absolutely. As a Referral Partner, you enjoy the same benefits for referring existing Google Workspace subscribers as you do for new subscribers.
How do we refer a customer?
If your clients are potential new Google Workspace subscribers, simply discuss the advantages of using Google Workspace over hosting emails on a web host. For existing direct Google Workspace subscribers, inform them about the benefits of working with Paoma. Share their contact details in writing, and we'll handle the rest while keeping you informed.


How much is the Own Use Google Workspace Discount?
Throughout our active partnership agreement, you qualify for a 5% discount on your own Google Workspace subscription on a single domain.
Additionally, each year after the first year, if you consistently refer converting customers, you'll receive an additional 5% discount.
How do we receive our 5% Cashback reward?
Paoma will tally your referral cashback based on actual customer billing, accruing it monthly. Annually, you can submit a Success Fee invoice, which we'll settle within 30 days or credit against any outstanding balance if applicable.


How do we know referral cashback will actually be paid?
The partnership is upheld by a legally binding agreement that ensures Paoma fulfills its obligations.
How can I monitor the cashback rewards we are entitled to for the customers we have referred?
Staying informed is seamless. We ensure you're always in the loop by including you in all presales correspondences, giving you insight into your customers' engagement with us.
Furthermore, upon request, we're more than happy to provide you with an extract of the accrued cashback amounts for your customers.

For your Customers


Why should I choose Paoma over direct Credit Card payments with Google?
Paoma offers a more cost-effective solution for payment. Local Credit Cards in MUR incur approximately 3% processing fees on foreign currency transactions. Paoma invoices in MUR and enables payment through local bank transfers, helping you save on processing fees.
I already pay Google with my credit card for an exisitng Google Workspace Subscription How does the billing transfer from Google to Paoma work?
The billing transfer process is simple. Our technical team will guide you through a few steps in your Google Workspace Admin Console to retrieve a code and transfer it to us. Once completed, the transfer will take place overnight. You'll receive a credit from Google on your credit card for the remaining days on your last bill prepayment. Subsequently, you'll receive your invoices from Paoma at the end of each subscription month.
Google Workspace prices are quoted in USD. What will be the monthly charge in MUR?
To provide you with the best price, we use the MCB selling spot rate for each invoice, ensuring you get the most competitive rate without inflating the MUR price to mitigate exchange rate fluctuations.
Can I choose to pay in USD?
Absolutely! If you prefer USD invoices, let us know, and we will provide you with a USD account for payment.

User Seats Management

How can I add or remove users from my subscription plan?
You have the flexibility to reduce user seats on a Flex plan as you currently do. To increase your user seat count, feel free to get in touch with our Business Executives.
Shortly, Paoma will introduce a user-friendly self-service portal where you can adjust the number of user seats you require.
What if my users have different Google Workspace plan requirements?
With our Partial Domain Licensing option, available from 10 users, you can assign different plans to different users within your subscription. This flexibility helps optimize your budget based on your pooled storage needs. Contact our Business Executives for more information.


Is your price the same as Google's?
Absolutely, our list prices match the ones found online in USD. Check it out
Can I get a better price?
Yes, by committing to an annual plan, you can save over 16%. During this period, you can increase the number of users in your Google Workspace account, but you won't be able to reduce them.
Furthermore, if you choose a multi-year commitment or have a larger number of users, you'll be eligible for even more substantial discounts.
What about VAT?
The VAT charged in line with local regulations can be claimed in your periodic VAT return, similar to any other eligible business expense.
How are user seats added or removed within a month?
User seat additions or removals within a month are charged proportionally based on the number of days they were active. Our invoices provide detailed information about user charges for each period within the month.


Can I receive local support in Mauritius?
Certainly! Our Support team, trained and certified in Google Workspace, is available to assist you in English, French, or Creole. We can help with various tasks, including managing subscriptions, aliases, groups, and more.
What's the cost of support?
Most of our business customers opt for our Prepaid Support plan. This plan allows you to purchase support hours that can be used as needed, with debits in 5-minute increments. Hours expire after a year, and there's no minimum purchase requirement. Larger quantities offer higher discounts.

Data Privacy & Control

Can Paoma access my data?
No, your data remains private. Only the user who created the data has access unless shared with others. Paoma solely has access to a subscription billing platform and cannot access your Google Workspace Admin Console unless you choose so for support purposes.
Do I retain full control over my Google Workspace Admin Console?
Absolutely. Even if we perform tasks in your Admin Console, your Super-Administrator account always remains under your control. We can use a 'Cloud Identity Free' user account to provide services without accessing your data directly.
What are the implications regarding Data Protection regulations?
You can rest easy. Paoma's role is strictly limited to billing responsibilities. We don't assume the roles of Data Controller or Data Processor for your data, ensuring there are no data protection implications.

Additional Business Services

Can you help with consistent email signatures based on a template design?
Certainly! We offer an affordable solution to ensure all your users have consistent email signatures. Reach out, and we'll guide you through the process and pricing.
Can you assist with backup solutions for critical data?
Certainly! We provide efficient online backup solutions to safeguard your critical business data. Contact us for more information on these reliable online backup options.
What about training to ensure my users maximize their use of Google Workspace?
No worries at all. We've developed a MQA-approved curriculum precisely for this purpose, and it's eligible for HRDC refund. If you're interested, simply let us know and we'll provide you with all the details you need.

Monthly User List Prices

Google Workspace Edition
Annual Commit
Business Starter
Business Standard
Business Plus
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Enterprise Editions pricing available on demand.

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